0 km/h a postfuturistic sculpture (18.09-20.09.20 // 17-22 Uhr)

In 1909, the futurists of Italy dreamed of a bright future, asked to leave the past behind and indulged in the delusion of speed, acceleration, violence and progress. Above all, Marinetti (1876-1944) chose the motorized vehicle as a representation and symbol of their ideology – it raced in supposedly better times: speed as the highest maxim to overcome nature.
More than 100 years later, we see the consequences of this arrogance, question these old ideals and find that nature has not been overcome, instead an injustice is done to nature that harms people themselves. Progress optimism gives way to a pessimistic attitude, the feeling of abjectiv times. In this way, post-futurism does not establish itself as a direct continuation of futuristic ideas, but as an alternative to futurism.
In an ironic manner, our enthusiasm for acceleration and speed is reduced to absurdity in our artwork. A scooter, the motorized vehicle, a kinetic object – actually capable of moving horizontally – is plunged vertically into the depth, reaches a new maximum speed in order to burst on impact. The vehicle is completely demolished. The wreck is exhibited; it is the relic of old ideals, the constant acceleration of which ends with its destruction.