2011_03_26 Ausstellung „Anchor“


26. März bis 24. April 2011

Ausstellung | Fotografie


Niamh O’Beirne

AnchorRecent conceptual developments in the artists practice involve looking at the transformation of defunct spaces and how they are utilised and activated toward the production of artistic, cultural and creative experiments. These spaces therefore establish an economy parallel to that of the gallery system. The emphasis shifts from having a focus on a commercial to cultural exchange within the framework of the urbanscape.


Niamh O’Beirne, b. 1986 Dublin, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin concerned with the mediation of spaces in transition from defunct to functioning. Within her practice, this movement is examined and dissected in relation to localised economic and political ‘push/pull’ forces in a capitalist market driven urban site.

‚Anchor‘ is a collection of visual extracts taken from her ongoing written case-study.

Ausstellung im ORi vom 26. März bis 24. April 2011

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