Ultimate Existence

2013_02_16 Ultimate Existence


Samstag, 16. bis Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013 | jeweils ab 20 Uhr

ORi displays Ultimate-Existence

Welcome to an evening containing videoart, installations and games completely blown out of proportion.

Ultimate Existence

We live in a time when things are in constant motion.

In many ways, it is a wonderful time to live in. The possibilities for both recreational and career is immense. You fight for pursuing a career, fall in love, travel, be broad-minded and well-read, have a rich social life, be your own entrepreneur and have a lot of time to be able to relax and be spontaneous. Particularly significant is that in such a vibrant and energetic city like Berlin.

The belief that everything is happening somewhere else is constantly present. A struggle and a search to find the ultimate existence. Confusion and the restlessness mixed with the fear of being isolated creates desire, ambition and burning frustration.

We want you all to think about this restlessness from several different perspectives. How could restlessness be such a powerful source?

Which expressions and emotions could be found in this? And what is the negatives of this frequent search for something else?


AMANDA KARLSSON is a swedish artist that started her carrier surrounded by the wild, deep and almost fairytale forests. Since then this has reflected her work all through her beginning years at high school when she first got in to contact with art. At the age of 18 she left the people shaped by the fixed nature, to move and committing to her carrier by studying art at a higher level. At the end of her two year studies she received the Liljesonsska scholarship.

She has since the beginning years had numerous exhibitions and projects in Sweden, Norway, Berlin and just recently she has been invited to participate in a group exhibition in San Francisco. After she decided to move to Berlin her carrier has evolved from fine arts toward designing album covers, video art and installations that got her featured in Stigmart Artpress during 2013.

In her recent works she has begun to return to this separation she used to hate, the separation from whats not already known. Now, this separation is something that is constantly present in her artworks.


ANTON BERGENDAHL is a swedish musician and has a long musical carrer behind. As a trombonist he started playing in local bands and orchestras in his small hometown, in the age of 10. At the age of 16 he started work as a freelancing musician in Stockholm and started his studies at one of Sweden most well reputated musical high schools. The recent years has he spent at The Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm and Conservatoir Superieur de Musique, in Paris.

He has written, arranged and produced music for movies, theatres, choirs, artwork, musicals and his own musical projects.
Currently living in Berlin, he is curious on finding new ways of expression. Experimenting how to integrate music with arts and how to create an interactive, organic spirit in different artforms.
Often inspired by frustration, he has a strong interest of debate and illuminate our society´s normativity and social issues.

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