Space Behind Your Eyes

2013_05_03 Space Behind Your Eyes


Freitag, 3. Mai 2013 | ab 19 Uhr

Space Behind Your Eyes – Simultaneous Photography Exhibition in London, Berlin, Amsterdam

Space Behind Your Eyes

On Friday the 3rd of May, we invite artists and guests to share a space. This exhibition of photography will take place in London, Berlin and Amsterdam. All three of the venues will be video-linked, and streamed online. So wherever you are, join in!

This evening centers around the idea of connecting artists with viewers and businesses. These simultaneous exhibitions in three European capital cities will provide a platform for photographers to showcase their work, as well as an opportunity for collaboration and promotion. The theme for this debut night is the expression of the imaginary through images. The photography on display has been inspired by the idea of transforming the space inside your mind, into pictures that can be viewed and shared.

Whether you are able to come to a venue in London, Amsterdam or Berlin or visit online, be a part of this creative night and collective space!


–> more infos to come, please visit:

Exhibiting Artists:

Tanja Polz

Lara Kinnman

Sebastian Reiser

Daria Mnych

Bernd Schumacher

Rachel Israela

Lars Kreyssig

Anna Wachsmuth

Daniel Kovalenko, David Rank

(Curation & Orga)

Anjulie Brender

Alice Mercier

Natalie Efinger

Luca Farinelli

Alexander Michaelis

Very much looking forward to seeing you all!

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