2015_02_14 Ausstellung


14. Februar 2015 | 20 Uhr



„Bodyscapes“ is an imaginative conversation between analogical black and white photographs by Francesca La Franca and mixed media paintings by Danilo Schaffer. The images of the exhibition are concerned with the notion of absence in the perceptible – a theme that encompasses loss, missing, disappearance and erasure. Representing fragmentation of the physical through the choise of nude figure as subject, the artworks want to reveal that quality of absence that is at once ephemeral but perpetual – there but nowhere.  Creating a dialogue through the use of different media and by embracing the qualities of different materials the two artists attempt to explore the body. Can this one ever be known and discovered without its falsification, alteration, and sliding in standardisation? Through deconstruction, „Bodyscapes“ gives form to a new perspective on the corporeal, creating a visual narrative where the unseen appears more vivid than what is concretely visible and it aims to engage the audience to think through imagination.

Vernissage-Special: From 8 to 8.45 p.m. the event will guest ‚ CLAIR-OBSCURE ‚ viola duo performing a collection of old and contemporary works for solo and duo violas – make sure to be there in time!

Die Ausstellung ist vom 14.02. bis zum 28.02.2015 zu den regulären Öffnungszeiten und nach Absprache zu sehen.

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