Edgy Conundrums _ Magdalena Parfienuk (28.08.-12.09.2020)

Page from a diary. “It is Saturday, I guess. The fridge is empty after the week. A growing pile of dishes is spooking from the sink, the dishwasher cannot keep the pace. Bathroom – a travesty. I cannot see the toilet among loads of dirty clothes. In the bedroom, dusty animals are crawling out from under the bed, there was even one moment when I thought one was alive. It’s probably because I forgot to put on my contacts in the morning. I switch the computer on – twenty seven unread emails. All important, don’t know which to start from, which to ignore.
Reminder: antivirus is waiting to be updated. I switch the computer off, it’s far too much. I put a dress on, doesn’t matter which one, no point of dressing up.I get into the car. Fuel reserve lamp starts to blink at me. I’m about to be down another hundred. I open the door to the studio, a musty odor of paint and turpentine hits me – I open the window. Six brand new canvases are standing at the wall, it’s gonna be fine. I don’t plan too much, it’s a waste of time. Dinosaur is always the right choice.” Each day is conundrum.
Magdalena Parfieniuk, born 1991, contemporary artist, painter, illustrator based in Wroclaw, Poland. Currently a PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Thing that inspires her most is color. Her art also derives from mysticism, Santa Muerte and oldschool tattoo.
(Vernissage 28.08.20 // 7pm)