Improvised Music at Ori Sonntag, 6. 1. 2019 19. 30 Uhr

ORi Berlin is pleased to host one improvised music concert by two cellists – Hartyáni Gábor and Guilherme Rodrigues.

Suggested donation 3-6 € (up to your offer)
Doors: 19:00
Start: 19:30

The gallery is located at
Friedelstr. 8
close to Hermannplatz,
12047 Berlin

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Gábor Hartyáni (Cello)

Gábor Hartyáni (1987) plays the cello since he was 7. He learnt to play in the music school of his hometown, Gödöllő, Hungary. While he was playing and touring with the Youth String Orchestra of Gödöllő and the Colla Parte Consort renaissance ensemble he also got in contact with improvisation 15 years ago. Since then his musical attention shifted toward instant composition, jazz, experimental, noise, contemporary, world, electronic, psychedelic, urban and free music. Therefore he did not continue his musical studies on a higher level of institutional classical education, instead he learnt by practice and experimenting, by playing, working with and attending workshops, masterclasses and private lessons of various musicians, dancers and choreographers including Trilok Gurtu, Ernst Reijseger, Tristan Honsinger, Giovanni Sollima, Seijiro Murayama, Eddie Prevost, Katie Duck, Wilbert de Joode, Mary Oliver, Viktor Tóth, Rita Góbi, Zoltán Grecsó, Anne Suurendonk, Tashi Iwaoka, Carlos LIbedinsky.

In Hungary he played with the alternative hardfolkrock-punkblues band, Mi az ábra?, the experimental/free/noise project, m o n o f o g and the improvisational dance theater, Willany Leó.

After playing and creating for two and a half years in Amsterdam, he moved to Berlin in early 2017 to expand his artistic scope and immerse in the cultural capital’s diverse scenes. Besides working on his solo projects he is an active member and Berlin director of the multidisciplinary Young Blood Initiative. He is the cellist and founder of the world fusion collective Khayâl and the experimental free fusion duo Baker Boys. He plays with singer-songwriter Rasha Nahas and Alice Rose and collaborates with various dancers and musicians in Berlin, Amsterdam and Budapest.

Gábor keeps on (re)searching, observing and experimenting as part of his commitment to constant development.


Guilherme Rodrigues (Cello)

Guilherme Rodrigues is a cellist, improviser, sound explorer and composer from Lisboa, Portugal.

He was born in 1988 in Lisboa and started to learn cello and trumpet when he was seven at Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa and later in Conservatório Nacional de Música de Lisboa to study classical and music theory until his twenty-three.

With an intuitive approach to improvisation and exploration of the timbres,
using both classical and extensive techniques, his music is exciting, polyrhythmic and full of contrasts. Apart from work in music ensembles ranging for contemporary classical to free improvisation, has created music for dance, theater, radio, television, silent film.

Has been following a professional career in music since 1997 and performs in concerts and workshops around Europe. Currently living in Berlin.

Has been active as composer and improviser in the scene playing in projects and beautiful musicians as Ernesto Rodrigues, Jean-luc Guionnet, Tristan Honsinger, Axel Doerner, Sei Miguel, Tim Goldie, Jeffrey Morgan, Mia Dyberg, Klaus Kurvers, Gabriel Paiuk, Blaise Siwula, Gino Robair, Michael Thieke, Wade Matthews, Leonel Kaplan, Gabriel Paiuk, Tom Djll, Jassem Hindi, Tisha Mukarji, Masahiko Okura, Toshihiro Koike, Sharif Sehnaoui, Christine Abdelnour, Alexandre Bellenger, Carlos Zingaro, Nuno Rebelo, Nuno Torres, Naoto Yamagashi, Heddy Boubaker, Gerhard Uebele, Guillermo Torres, Tomas Gris, Carlos Santos, Bruno Parrinha, Miguel Ivo Cruz, Alberto Cirera, Nuno Morão, Mark Sanders, Raymond Macdonald, Neil Davidson, David Stachenas, Lisa Ullén, D’incise, Cyril Bondy, Miguel Mira, Rodrigo Amado, Abdul Moimême, Monsieur Trinité, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Matthias Bauer, Christian Wolfarth, Thanos Chrysakis, Kurt Liedwart, Miguel A. Garcia, Ilia Belorukov, Andrew Lafkas, Gao Jiafeng, Eric Wong, Johan Moir, Casey Moir, Magda Mayas, Matthias Muller, Alexander Frangenheim, Vasco Trilla, among others.

Released more than 40 albums of his own projects.