Life in the Future

We did an interview with Caspar de Gelmini. You can see his Video-artwork at the venue of our exhibition UTOPIE and on Vimeo.

What does your utopia looks like?
„Life in the future“ was a commission by Kino Club Helsinki in Finnland. My idea for the project was, to create a Video based on submarine Images, by a diving robot from the Alfred Wegener Institut for Polar Research in Bremen. The work creates the illusion of space travel, in fact it is a deep sea travel. The aim is a strange animal, which could be found on the ocean ground. My utopian aspect is the modulation of images, which creates a surrealistic atmosphere, from a unknown world. With the rise of the oceans, with the climate change, various regions are becoming water regions again. Life returns to the sea. My utopia is a future world, that exists in the sea.

What makes your artwork utopian?
Our environment is currently still functioning. Utopia refers to things that one anticipates but that have not yet become reality. If climate change continues, we will have to adapt to new conditions. Maybe the future lies in the sea. I recently saw a map that shows which land regions will be covered by water in the future. Much land will disappear. Maybe Hamburg will become an underwater city one day? All of these things are also reflected in my video, which was shot in the Arctic.

Why do we need utopia?
My first utopian book was Huxley’s Brave New World. This has changed the way I think about the world. As a child, life is very positive. Over time you realize that many things don’t work, socially, politically and privately. Life presents us with great problems in all areas of life. Some people despair of it. Utopias can help us to stop processes that cause us fear.