Pedro Amaro, Pieces of Paper, 27. 7. 2018 19 Uhr

The first painting solo exhibition by Pedro Amaro in Berlin.

Pieces Of Paper
from 27.07 to 01.09
in ORI Gallery, Neukölln

Musical Performances, organized with the help of Linnea Martinsson and Marcelo Vaz

Vernissage – July 27th:
Linnea Martinsson. Swedish folk written and composed by her as a teenager during dark winters.

August 4th:

Lensing sind sechs Freunde (aus Uruguay, Portugal, Syrien, Wedding und Moabit) für deutschen Chanson, irgendwo zwischen Moldy Peaches und Reinhard Mey, wirklich schwer einzuordnen.

August 11th:
Cosmik Trio Debris

The collective/band Cosmik trio Debris was born in 2016 opening the jam sessions at the Greenhouse multicultural house project in Berlin. The jam was kept open, incorporating not only different music styles, but focusing also on free improvisation. The people danced, jugglers juggled, and the music went on until the early morning.
The sound is a mish-mash that drew from rockjazz backgrounds in the avant-garde, incorporated minimalist, electronic, and world music elements into their often psychedelic and funk-inflected music.

August 18th:
Silwira & mariposa
jazz bossa group
Sylwira Mariposa (singer & songwriter from Poland/Berlin) and Marcelo Vaz (multipercassionist from Brasil) will play for you known bossa-jazz-songs & own compositions in mixed styles.


Jim lennox