Reality has begun to imitate the model

What does your utopia looks like?

It’s a place where humans can live in equal harmony with nature, without exploiting it to the point of destruction. Where plants surround us and colour and print intertwine in a playful way. Where there is the right amount of water, light and space and where people can live comfortably and equally. 

What makes your artwork utopian? 

My work suggests propositions for architectural and public spaces in the future where there is the possibility for the forms to be reconfigured by people and adapted to suit their needs without capitalist agendas. To live in the present and to be aware of the beauty around them.

Why do we need utopia?

We need utopia because it is important to dream about possible futures and to make places that we can live in better. To build a reality that allows for a symbiotic relationship between nature, technology and humans. 

We did an interview with Suzie Olczak. She created the mixed media collage „Reality has begun to imitate the Model“(2020) , which asks how urban spaces may look like in the future. You can see the artwork at our exhibition UTOPIE.